EBOT is the database of EntGroup, it includes information of over 300,000 films and television productions, data of Chinese cinemas and films (e.g. Box-office Records, Weekly attendance, Theatre revenue, etc)

The industry-leading database for up-to-date film and television intelligence in China.
Tracing the latest Chinese entertainment industry trends. Providing information for investment decision-making.
EBOT features Main info
TV &  Movies information data   The movies in processing
  The introduction of movies
  The contacts
Box office   Weekly box office, total box office, annual office, films copies, moviegoer   number.etc
  Box office for  different  cinema, and different district
  Rank of  films distribution company and cinema chain
  Box office of  over sea
Movie survey   Prospective Survey
  Advertising in movie survey
Celebrities data &analysis   Celebrity value analysis, celebrity of brand evaluating
  Celebrities data base
  celebrity monitoring
Analysis of  advertising in movie   product placement  analysis
  cinema advertising  analysis
Reports   China film industry reports
  Seasonal film report
  Brand Celebrity  analysis report
  Entertainment industry  report
  Animation industry report
  Entertainment marketing report
Industry news   Movie,Online game, Animations, TV , Music, Celebrity  news
  Entertainment marketing, politics of  entertainment  industry