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China Film Industry Quarterly Report: Quarter2, 2010
Date:2010-09-28 12:30  Source:Entgroup  Price: $ 1000

Research Background:

The Chinese film industry continued the rapid growth in the second quarter of 2010.  However, slightly affected by the 2010 World Cup Football Games in June 2010, the monthly growth rate gradually dropped during the three months of April, May and June.  In the exhibition sector, the number of new cinemas and new screens has both been increasing.  Second-tier cities are especially fast-growing in cinema and screen numbers.  The sizes and scales of new cinemas vary in different cities.  Film marketing is also a fast-developing area during the quarter.  Film companies began to adopt more diverse marketing projects to promote their films, such as product placement, tie-in advertisement, pre-screening advertisement, in-cinema advertisement, film premiere ceremonies and off-line public relations events.

1 Box office
1.1 Analysis on total box office figure
1.2 Analysis on monthly box office figures
1.3 Analysis on weekly box office figures
1.4 Box office market share of major releases
1.5 Box office comparison between local and foreign films
1.6 Box office analysis by major cities
1.7 Per-day-average of major releases 

2. Cinema revenue
2.1 Top 10 cinema circuits and their market shares
2.2 Top 10 cinemas and their market shares
2.3 Numbers of cinemas and screens
2.4 Geographical distribution of cinemas
2.5 Operation and profit analysis of major cinemas
3 Film marketing
3.1 Product placement
3.2 Tie-in advertisement
3.3 Pre-screening advertisement
3.4 in-cinema advertisement
3.5 Case study on major film marketing projects
4 Prospects on 2010 Quarter3
4.1 Summer season box office analysis 
4.2 Trends of film investment
4.3 Trends of cinema investment and development
4.4 Analysis on new production projects 
4.5 Analysis on new film policies