Customized Research
Entgroup has developed a set of customized services to fit your specific needs. With our professional expertise in entertainment industry, rich experience in market research and data-analyzing, we can accomplish most complex requests and cutomize comprehensive reports for our clients.
    Case1: The Research on China Film Industry’s High-End Post-Production Market

A research report commissioned by Thomson Technicolor for the company to set up its investment strategy in China.  Main content of the research includes: the development of Chinese film industry, the development of digital cinemas and digital distribution in China, the market of film processing and printing and a survey on China post-production environment.

    Case2: The Report on China- Foreign Co-production Films
A research report based on industry interviews and analysis. The EntGroup Report on China–Foreign Co-production Films provides a comprehensive understanding on the current situation and characteristics of the Chinese film industry, specifically on regulations and practices, challenges and solutions of China-Foreign co-productions.
    Case3: Movie-going Behavior and Consumption Habits of Chinese Audience
A survey cooperated with US market research company OTX Research. The survey provides in-depth research on viewing behavior and consumption values of Chinese movie audience. The survey explores aspects such as audience’s preference, movie-going related life styles, consumption habits of leisure activities and values of life among different audience.
Methodology of the market survey